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Thai Yoga Massage

At FitBac Personal Training Studio in Mount Gambier we offer Thai Yoga Massage, which is directly related to yogic principles.

It will energize and invigorate the body, and is considered to be energy work rather than body work in the traditions of Buddhist culture. Thai Massage can be varied to suit a wide range of physical needs. It is suitable for clients of all ages and abilities, and can complement any level of exercise or activity.

This form of Massage also has measurable physiological benefits and it will prevent bone degeneration, decrease stress, and treat back pain. You will see physical benefits that aid in the increase of range of motion, muscular strength, flexibility, muscular tone and circulation improvement. It also has strong implications of a spiritual nature and contains a definite meditative quality.

Thai Yoga Massage from FitBac Personal Training Studio will restore a person as a whole, both internal and external, incorporating the body’s energy lines to a state of balance. The body is treated as a whole, a problem is not viewed as a single identity, and so a full body massage is given to restore this balance.

Thai Yoga Massage will energize and is invigorating to the body; it also increases flexibility and incorporates facilitated stretching. You will notice your body is considerably more relaxed and pliable. This is a perfect massage for those with tight muscles, wanting to increase flexibility, also Pre and Post any sporting event. Thai massage will aid in the recovery of the muscles, and most defiantly alleviate and reduce any muscle soreness.