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Personal Training Mount Gambier

Rehabilitation at Fitbac

This is focused on returning our clients to a pre-injury state, or working with and around disabilities.

Whether you have been in a accident or just experienced medical problems, rehabilitation will help your body achieve the normal daily functions by different recovery techniques. I will, and encourage to work in with other Health Professionals, if you are currently under their care, to enhance and regain recovery efficiently and quickly.

Vibration Training

VT (Vibration Trainer) may prevent injuries, but just as importantly it can help in the rehabilitation process. Physiotherapists and Chiropractors have found the VT a valuable tool, as it has the ability to strengthen muscle without the strain on joints and ligaments that weight bearing exercises have.

Rehabilitation involves the VT to increase blood flow, causing a huge spike in Human Growth Hormone, the key to repair and the regeneration of soft tissue. Improved circulation also helps to drain fluid build-up from injured tissue.