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Personal Training Mount Gambier

Personal Training

If it's personal attention that you're after, then our One-On-One Personal Training sessions will see you guided through correct technique, posture and range of movement to keep you motivated, result-focused and injury free.

If you'd prefer to workout with the company of a friend, then our Two-on-One sessions will provide you with an option that will have you both supporting each other and enjoying a laugh as you improve your fitness and wellbeing together.

Vibration Training

Weight Loss, Firming, Toning and Increased Lean Muscle Mass
VT (Vibration Trainer) will give a sluggish metabolism the boost needed for you to burn considerable more calories, giving you increased lean muscle. Combined with a cardio workout you have a complete package - Firming - Toning and Optimum weight loss.

VT improves circulation, assists in flushing toxins and increasing your production of collagen. This may result in firmer smoother skin, with a significant reduction in cellulite.

Vibro Trainer Benefits:

Increases weight loss, flexibility, core strength, basal metabolic rate, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, bone density, muscle development and toning and the strength of pelvic floor muscles.

Improves balance, explosive strength, asthma, nutrient delivery, diabetes and general health.

Reduces rehabilitation time, sports recovery time, lactic acid build up, joint pain, stress and cellulite.